Youth Opportunities

Midway Methodist offers tons of great opportunities for our youth.

UMYF will begin this Sunday at 6pm in the CFC!  We will have snack supper and then have a fun night of getting to know each other while we learn about the starting line of a new year! 

The snack supper schedule is on my office door!  The youth love having a time of fellowship and they love snack suppers!  We provide the paper products and drinks!  You can pair up with someone to make it easier!  It is a "snack" not a full meal.  Ideas include:  hot dogs, nachos, pizza, spaghetti, subs, tacos, baked potato bar, bbq, meatballs!!

On Thursday mornings at 6:45am we have a Youth Bible Study breakfast.  The cost is $3 for the breakfast.  We do a short devotion and then take the kids to school! 

Middle Schoolers who are interested in helping out with WAMM are more than welcome!  The church bus picks up from the middle schools on Wednesdays.  Please let me know if your youth would like to help out.  Middle Schoolers have time to do their home work.  They also help us with snack and leading the kids during bible time and play ground time.

Midway Messengers will meet on Sundays at 5pm in the CFC!  This is a group who learns skits, sign language or interpretive dances for worship!  Resica Cecil leads this group!  They will be working on something special for Children's Sabbath in October. 

Our Ignite Groups will meet once a month as well!!  More information will be coming soon about meeting times!

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask!!  We have a fun year planned for our youth group!!  We are looking forward to growing in our relationship with Christ through bible studies, service projects, fellowship time and worship!!

Have a great day!  Grace and joy - Amanda