Pastor’s Letters

School Days

At the close of the summer months now when vacation trips are done and we begin again the morning ritual of school and work, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of our teachers and students well as they start a new school year.  This time of year can bring new experiences, new friends and, for some of our college students, even a new address.  It can also be a stressful time for parents seeing their ‘toddlers’ off to school for the first time or parents of college students becoming empty-nesters.  These pivotal moments in our lives can really test our faith in our children and God’s ability to care for them.  As parents, we have to trust that our kids have listened to at least a little of the wisdom we have tried to impart to them and will make good decisions based on what they have learned. It also means remembering that even though we cannot be with them all the time, God is present with them no matter where they may be.  It means lifting them (and ourselves) up in prayer before the Lord every day.  And that is a good thing.  It helps grow our relationship with God and fosters a life of daily prayer.  With that in mind, I want to share two prayers that I found online for those who have school-age children or grandchildren. They are included inside this edition of the newsletter and I hope you find them helpful as a way to begin or end your prayers for your children, grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren each day. May God give you peace and may you know His love and care.